Oral Presentations:

Baker, D. M. H. and L. Carter, Probing Glaciers on Mars: Constraints on the Physical Properties of Supraglacial Debris from Impact Craters and Radar Sounding Data (Abstract #1606)

Barlow, N. G. and L. L. Tornabene, Insights into the Formation of Central Pit Craters (Abstract #1607)

Boyce, J. M., P. J. Mouginis-Mark, and N. G. Barlow, Toreva-Like Blocks Formed in the Inner Ejecta Layer of Martian Type-1 Double Layer Ejecta Craters: Implications (Abstract #1617)

Cassanelli, J. P. and J. W. Head, Did the Orientale Impact Melt Sheet undergo Large-Scale Igneous Differentiation by Crystal Settling? (Abstract #1613)

Deutsch, A. N., J. W. Head, C. I. Fassett, and N. L. Chabot, Ice Deposits at Mercury's North Polar Region: Host Craters Provide Maximum Age (Abstract #1612)

Guo, D., J. Liu, and J. W. Head, Secondary Craters of the Orientale Basin (Abstract #1615)

Head, J. W., Mars Climate History: A Cratering Perspective (Abstract #1604)

Head, J. W., D. K. Weiss, and A. Horan, Lyot Crater Mars: The Role of Snow and Ice in the Formation, Ejecta, Emplacement and Modification of a Major Amazonian-Aged Impact (Abstract #1605)

Horan, A. and J. Head, Impact Cratering as a Modification Process in the Noachian History of Mars: Major Processes and Weaknesses (Abstract #1608)

Johnson, B. C., J. C. Andrews-Hanna, G. S. Collins, H. J. Melosh, J. W. Head, D. M. Blair, A. M. Freed, K. Miljkovic, J. M. Soderblom, and M. T. Zuber, The Formation of the Orientale Multi-Ring Basin: A Case Study of iSALE Modeling (Abstract #1611)

Kreslavsky, M. A., N. A. Kozlova, A. T. Basilevsky, and I. P. Karachevtseva, Degradation Rate of Small Craters in Lunar Highlands (Abstract #1614)

Piatek, J. L., L. L. Tornabene, K. T. Hansen, S. J. Hutchinson, N. G. Barlow, G. R. Osinski, S. J. Robbins, and A. S. McEwen, Visible and Thermosphysical Characteristics of the Best-Preserved Martian Craters, Part 2: Thermophysical Mapping of Resen and Noord (Abstract #1618)

Potter, R. W. K., Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right: The Importance of Target Temperature and Other Factors on Impact Basin Formation Investigated using iSALE Hydrocode Modeling (Abstract #1609)

Qiao, L. and J. W. Head, The Span of Lunar Mare Volcanic Activity: Assessing the Very Young Impact Crater Size-Frequency Distribution Ages of Irregular Mare Patches (Abstract #1623)

Ramsley, K. R. and J. W. Head, The Secondary Impact Spike on Phobos from Stickney Crater Ejecta (Abstract #1619)

Riggs, J. D., M. R. Kirchoff, and S. J. Robbins, Utilizing Spatial Statistics in Crater Studies (Abstract #1616)

Robbins, S. J., J. Riggs, B. P. Weaver, E. B. Bierhaus, C. R. Chapman, M. R. Kirchoff, and K. N. Singer, Revised Recommended Methods for Analyzing Crater Statistics (Abstract #1621)

Robbins, S. J., K. Runyon, K. N. Singer, V. J. Bray, P. Schenk, O. L. White, W. B. McKinnon, J. M. Moore, R. P. Binzel, M. W. Buie, B. J. Buratti, A. F. Cheng, W. M. Grundy, I. R. Linscott, H. J. Reitsema, M. R. Showalter, J. R. Spence, G. L. Tyler, H. A. Weaver, L. A. Young, C. B. Olkin, K. Ennico, S. A. Stern, the New Horizons GGI Theme Team, New Horizons Pluto Encounter Team, New Horizons LORRI Instrument Team, and New Horizons MVIC Instrument Team, Discovery of Layered Ejecta Craters on Charon, and Implications for Formation (Abstract #1601)

Watters, W. A., M. Marlette, K. Jaramillo, and D. Jerolmack, Decameter-Scale Impact-Related Aeolian Features Surrounding Well-Preserved Impact Craters on Mars (Abstract #1625)

Weiss, D. K. and J. W. Head, Melting of Surface Ice Deposits on Mars by Hot Impact Ejecta (Abstract #1603)


Print Only:

Boyce, J. M. and P. Mouginis-Mark, Morphology and Age Relationships of Radial Grooves on Martian Layered Ejecta Deposits (Abstract #1610)

Bruckman, W. and A. Ruiz, Estimated Impact Age for a Cold Spot Crater in Lunar Mare Fecunditatis (Abstract #1602)

Chappelow, J. E., On the Shapes and Dimensions of Bright Halo Craters on the Lunar Maria (Abstract #1620)

Miura, Y., Impact Crater (1): Terrestrial Impacts on Two Targets of Land and Ocean Floor (Abstract #1622)

Miura, Y., Formation of Impact Targets on the Moon and Mars of Breccias with Fluids (Abstract #1624)