Oral Presentations:

Barlow N. G. and Tornabene L. L. New Insights into the Formation of Central Pit Craters (Abstract #1711)

Boyce J. M. and Mouginis-Mark P. J. Implications of the Morphology of Flow Features on Martian Layered Ejecta (Abstract #1707)

Boyce J. M. and Mouginis-Mark P. J. A Model for Layered Ejecta Emplacement on Mars (Abstract #1708)

Burt D. M. and Knauth L. P. Where Impact-Caused Density Currents Came to Die: Gale Crater (Abstract #1715)

Chapman C. R. Summary of MESSENGER Analyses of Impact Cratering on Mercury (Abstract #1717)

Gaither T. A., Hagerty J. J., Gullikson A. L., and Villarreal K. A. The USGS Astrogeology Geologic Materials Collection: Terrestrial Impact Crater Samples for use by the Planetary Science Community (Abstract #1721)

Gullikson A. L., Gaither T. A., Villarreal K. A., and Hagerty J. J. Petrographic Characterization and Preliminary Microthermometry of the Hydrothermal System at Flynn Creek Crater, Tennessee (Abstract #1718)

Kirchoff M. R. and Grimm R. E. Timing and Distribution of Single-Layered Ejecta Craters Implies Sporadic Preservation of Mars' Tropical Subsurface Ice (Abstract #1710)

Landis M. E., Byrne S., Dundas C. M., Herkenhoff K. E., Whitten J. L., Mayer D. P., Daubar I. J., and Plaut J. J. Crater Size-Frequency Distribution of the South Polar Layered Deposits, Mars: Preliminary Results (Abstract #1713)

Peel S. E. and Burr D. M. Investigating Central Pit Formation Mechanisms Using Inferential Statistics, an Update (Abstract #1712)

Riggs, J. D., Hoover R. H., and Robbins S. J. Statistical Model Development of Crater Thermal Inertia from TES (Abstract #1709)

Robbins S. J. Progress on Old and New: D>=1 km Crater Catalogs for Mars and Moon (Abstract #1703)

Tornabene L. L., Piatek J. L., Barlow N. G., Bina A., Capitan R., Hansen K. T., McEwen A. S., Osinski G. R., and Robbins S. J. Ejecta Deposits Beyond the Layered Ejecta Rampart on Mars: Implications for Ejecta Emplacement and Classification (Abstract #1714)

Watters W. A., Davison T. M., and Collins G. S. Influence of Target Strength on Low-Velocity Cratering: 3-D Simulations (Abstract #1719)

Wren P. F. and Fevig R. A. Using Doublet Craters on Ceres to Constrain Main Belt Binary Asteroid Systems (Abstract #1716)

Zeilnhofer M. F. and Barlow N. G. Preliminary Investigation of Craters on Ceres (Abstract #1706)


Poster Presentations::

Barlow N. G. Crater Databases for Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Ganymede, and Ceres--A Status Report (Abstract #1704)

Robbins S. J., Riggs J. D., Weaver B. P., Bierhaus B. B., Chapman C. R., Kirchoff M. R., and Singer K. N. Revised Recommended Methods for Analyzing Crater Statistics (Abstract #1702)

Wren P. F., Dickenshied S., Anwar S., Noss D., Hagee W., Carter S., Rios K., and Burris M. Impact Crater Analysis Capabilities of the JAVA Mission-Planning and Analysis for Remote Sensing (JMARS) Application (Abstract #1720)


Print Only:

Bruckman W. and Ruiz A. Mars Crater Depth-Size Frequency Distribution: Analysis of Crater Depth-Age Connection (Abstract #1705)

Robbins S. J. and Riggs J. D. New Proposed Study: Crater Variability Detection (Abstract #1701)