Oral Presentations:

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Poster Presentations:

King, D. T., D. R. Adrian, J. Ormo, L. Petruny, J. J. Hagerty, T. A. Gaither, and S. J. Jaret, Flynn Creek Impact Structure, Tennessee: Its Crater-Filling Breccia in Comparison to Other Small Paleozoic Impact Structures and their Breccia Units (Abstract #1502)

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Zivkovic, V. B. and D. Larsen, Results of a Magnetometer Survey at the Decorah Impact Structure (Abstract #1504)


Print Only:

Chappelow, J. E., A Detailed Morphometric Study of an Absolutely Unremarkable Crater on Mare Serenitatis Using the Free Shadowfront Method (Abstract #1501)

Miura, Y., Impacts on Water and Waterless Surfaces on Earth, the Moon and Mars (Abstract #1515)