Oral Presentations:

Barlow, N. G., Studies of Impact Craters in the Martian Northern Hemisphere (Abstract #1308)

Boyce, J. M., N. G. Barlow, and L. Wilson, Outer Layer of Martian Low-Aspect-Ratio Layer Ejecta Craters: Emplacement Model (Abstract #1312)

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Ibhi, A. and H. Nachit, The Enigmatic Shatter Cones of Agoudal (Imilchil, Morocco) (Abstract #1314)

Kirchoff, M. R., Can Spatial Statistics be used to Identify Crater Saturation Equilibrium? (Abstract #1311)

Pina, P., J. S. Marques, and L. Bandeira, Assessment of Automated Crater Delineation in HiRISE Imagery (Abstract #1309)

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Poster Presentations:

Ibhi, A., H. Nachit, El H. Abia, A. Ait Touchnt, and C. Vaccaro, Discovery of the Double Impact Crater in the Imilchil Region, Morocco (Abstract #1301)


Print Only:

Chappelow, J. E., Pristine Simple Craters on Mars--Testing a New Shadow Measurement Method (Abstract #1307)

Kite, E., J.-P. Williams, A. Lucas, and O. Aharonson, Possible Constraints on Early Mars Atmospheric Pressure from Small Ancient Craters (Abstract #1303)