Oral Presentations:

Barlow N. G., Haberle R. M., and Zahnle K. The Role of Large Impacts in Greenhouse Warming on Early Mars (Abstract #1902)

Boyce J. M. and Mouginis-Mark P. Long Runout Landslide or Fluidized Ejecta on the Moon: The Tsiolkovskiy Flow Feature (Abstract #1904)

Boyce J. M. and Mouginis-Mark P. J. Self Secondary Cratering on the Rim of the Martian Impact Crater Tooting: Or Something Else (Abstract #1916)

Burt D. M. and Knauth L. P. Impact Spherules vs Diagnetic Concretions: Origin of Sediments on Mars (Abstract #1914)

Caldwell W. K., Hunter A., Plesko C. S., and Wirkus S. Hydrocode Modeling of Impact Structures on Asteroid 16 Psyche (Abstract #1905)

Harwell M. L. et al. Code Verification and Validation in Impact Cratering (Abstract #1917)

Harwell M. L. et al. Progress on Planetary Defense at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Abstract #1918)

Hoffman M. E., et al. The Recent Atmospheric History of Mars Derived from Small Craters Observed by MSL (Abstract #1912)

Kirchoff M. R. and Marchi S. The Effect of Terrain Properties on Crater Model Age Determination (Abstract #1909)

Klear M. R. Proposal-Based Crater Detection Algorithm for One-Click Crater Annotation (Abstract #1901)

Martin-Wells K. S., and Partee J. Small Lunar Crater Ray Geometry and Target Topography (Abstract #1907)

Robbins S. J. and Riggs J. D. Open Tools for Crater Analyses (Abstract #1910)

Tomlinson T. C. and Hayne P. O. Spectral Analysis of Dark Crater Ejecta on Europa (Abstract #1908)

Watters W. A., Hundal C. B., and Fassett C. L. Morphometric Characterization of Small Impact Crater Modification on Mars (Abstract #1915)

Wren P. F. and Fevig R. A. Comparing Binary Systems of the Inner and Intermediate Zones of the Asteroid Belt (Abstract #1911)

Zeilnhofer M. F. and Barlow N. G. Crustal Strength Variations on Ceres as Revealed by its Impact Craters (Abstract #1903)


Poster Presentations:

Wren P. F., et al. Impact Crater Analysis Using the Java Mission-Planning and Analysis for Remote Sensing (JMARS) Application (Abstract #1913)


Print Only:

Kumaresan P. R. and Saravanavel J. Pre-Basaltic Morphological Mapping of Archimedes Crater using Grail Data (Abstract #1906)