Abstracts for the 8th Mars Crater Consortium Meeting


Barlow, N. G., Comparison of Impact Crater Morphologies on Mars and Ganymede (Abstract #0806)

Boyce, J. M. and P. Mouginis-Mark, The Lack of Secondary Craters Around Double Layered Ejecta Craters: Implications to the Volatile History of Mars (Abstract #0802)

Boyce, J. M., P. Mouginis-Mark, and H. Garbeil, Deep Impact Craters in the Isidis and Southwestern Utopia Planitia Regions of Mars: High Target Material Strength as a Possible Cause (Abstract #0803)

Hare, T., E. Liszewski, J. Skinner, K. Tanaka, and N. Barlow, Mars Crater Density Tools: New Project Report (Abstract #0808)

Louzada, K. L., S. T. Stewart, B. P. Weiss, and A. C. Maloof, Shock Demagnetization of the Martian Crust (Abstract #0801)

Senft, L. and S. Stewart, Implementation of a New Constitutive Model for Rocks into the Shock Wave Physics Code CTH (Abstract #0804)

Tanaka, K. L., J. A. Skinner, and N. G. Barlow, An Empirically Derived -2 Power Law Cumulative Pristine Crater Production Function for Mars Based on Updated Crater Morphology and Geologic Mapping Data (Abstract #0807)

Tornabene, L. L., J. E. Moersch, H. Y. McSween, J. A. Piatek, and P. R. Christensen, Subsurface Mineral Heterogeneity in the Martian Crust as seen by the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS): Views from Natural "Windows" (Impact Craters) into the Subsurface (Abstract #0805)