Oral Presentations:

Bamberg, M., T. Kneissl, G. G. Michael, R. Jaumann, and H. Asche, Comparison of Floor Fractured Craters--A Case Study for Mars (Abstract #1201)

Barlow, N. G. and J. M. Boyce, Results of a Survey of Martian Low Aspect Ratio Layered Ejecta (LARLE) Craters (Abstract #1204)

Boyce, J. M., Terrestrial Analogs: Layered Ejecta Craters and their Implications (Abstract #1202)

Boyce, J. M., N. G. Barlow, and L. Wilson, Emplacement of the Outer Ejecta Layer of Low-Aspect-Ratio Layer Ejecta Craters (Abstract #1210)

Gaither, T. A. and J. J. Hagerty, The Meteor Crater Sample Collection: Contributions to Impact Cratering Studies (Abstract #1209)

McHone, J. F. and J. J. Hagerty, Flynn Creek Crater Drill Cores: Current Status of the USGS Collection in Flagstaff, AZ (Abstract #1211)

Landis, M. E. and N. G. Barlow, The Role of Volatiles in the Evolution of Impact Craters in South-Central Arabia Terra (Abstract #1208)

Plesko, C. S., Exploring the Effects of Pre-Existing Target Faults on Crater Morphology (Abstract #1206)

Robbins, S. J. and B. M. Hynek, On the Reliability of MOLA Data to Resolve Crater Topography (Abstract #1203)

Robbins, S. J., The Cratering Chronology of the Inner Solar System (Abstract #1205)

Shirley, J. H., J. B. Dalton III, L. M. Prockter, L. W. Kamp, C. B. Phillips, and M. Valenti, Europa's Manannan Impact Crater: Surface Composition of the Crater Floor and Ejecta from Geologic Mapping and Linear Mixture Modeling (Abstract #1207)


Poster Presentations:

Miura, Yasunori, New Impact Process on Soft Targets on the Moon, Earth and Mars (Abstract #1212)