Oral Presentations:

Barlow, N. G. and J. M. Boyce, Quasi-Multiple Layer Ejecta Craters: An Unusual Martian Ejecta Morphology (Abstract #1106)

Boyce, J. M., N. G. Barlow, and L. Wilson, Model for the Emplacement of the Outer Ejecta Layer of Quasi-Multiple Layer Ejecta Craters (Abstract #1111)

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Robbins, S. J., C. r. Chapman, and P. L. Gay, Moon Zoo: Lessons Learned from the First Year of Citizen Scientists Identifying Lunar Craters (Abstract #1105)


Poster Presentations:

Ibhi, A. and M. Darbali, The Discovery of Impact Crater in Southeast Morocco (Abstract #1102)


Print Only Abstracts:

Legrand, C. and P. Chevalley, Virtual Moon Atlas "Pro" Version 5.1 (Abstract #1103)

Miura, Y., Formation of Lunar and Martian Crater-Like Depression Structures Mainly by Carbon-Bearing Underground Explosions (Abstract #1101) (Password 1946)