Oral Presentations:

Baloga, S.M., S.A. Fagents, and L.S. Glaze, Emplacement of Layered Crater Ejecta on Mars (Abstract #1007)

Barlow, N.G., A Survey of Martian Central Pit Craters--Status Report (Abstract #1004)

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Poster Presentations:

Singer, K.N. and L. Nowicki, Tyre Ejecta: Radial Size-Frequency Distribution, Fragment Sizes and Ejection Velocities (Abstract #1011)


Print Only Abstracts:

Miura, Y., Quenched Carbon Blocks of the Barringer Crater (Abstract #1001)

Miura, Y., Material Indicators of Ocean Impacts by Halite and Calcite in Composition (Abstract #1002)